22 February 2015

Wishlist // 27th Birthday

Hudl2 8.3" 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet - Zesty Orange from Tesco

   It's weird to think that I'll be 27 years old this coming Thursday - anyone else think that birthday's have a tendency to just creep up on you?

   This year my birthday wish list consists of only one item - a tablet.  You see, I'm a bit late to the tablet party, and to be honest I don't mind because I've had my trusty laptop to use.  But my laptop is four years old now, is starting to misbehave and I worry that it's going to go bye bye's pretty soon.  So, I decided to start looking into buying a tablet.

09 January 2015

Recipe // Bacon, Onion & Petit Pois Risotto

   Over the last year or so I have absolutely fallen in love with risotto. I was never really keen on rice before, usually I would opt for a small amount of rice to accompany my curry but that was it. But over the last year I have been eating more rice, risotto and paella dishes and I just love them! I once ate risotto which had been fried in batter in a restaurant in Newcastle - it sounds really weird but it was interestingly tasty! 

   The recipe I'm sharing with you today is one of my favourite versions of risotto to cook - I do hope you like it!

02 January 2015

Plans & Goals // January

Happy new year everyone! 

   January is here, which means for many of us, this month is the perfect opportunity to start planning a head and creating lists of things you are looking forward to or want to achieve this year! R and I are already so excited for 2015 because we know it is going to be an extremely busy year (and I cannot wait to share our adventures with you)!

This month I:
  • Would like to go on a local walk with R so we can practice using our new camera and take photo's of the local wildlife (above is a photo I took this morning. The birds are called Fieldfare and they are a member of the Thrush family. You can read more about them here).
  • Learn a new recipe. 26/01/2015 - Recipe to follow!
  • Book R and I's American Road Trip. 08/01/2015 Booked - 29/01/2015 Paid!
  • Plan and book all the dates for the 2015 SnB I host with the venue and publicise locally. 08/01/2015
  • Visit Brighton to catch up with family and friends. Postponed until Feb.
  • Finish our kitchen diner renovation.
  • Complete my home study course in Understanding Data Analysis and Reports in Google Analytics.
What are your plans for the first month of 2015? Do you have anything planned that you're excited for?

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